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Maria Kardami is a greek interior designer recognized for her fabulous ideas in creating glamorous contemporary interior design projects. Her design studio offers the best solutions in terms of high-quality services that will result in the home decor of your dreams. If you’re thinking about redecorating any area of your home, like your tiny guest bathroom, then you’re going to love her latest interior design project which consists in a private apartment redecoration. Her work in this luxury home small bathroom decor is incredible… It is the perfect inspiration source for your next luxury design project! Ready to begin this incredible journey with the Luxury Bathrooms team?

Maria Kardami developed her incredible talent for creating glamorous interior design projects by working with some of the most renowned interior designers and architects in Thessaloniki. Since 2009 until 2018, the interior designer cooperated with many design studios, such as ”MARIA PAVLIDOU TESSUTI D’ARTE”, which is a studio specialized company in residential and commercial fabrics that is passionate for decorating homes, business premises, and hotel facilities.

However, last year, the greek interior designer decided that the time has come to create her fabulous design office which is located in the center of the beautiful Athens city. Thanks to her many years of experience, the Maria Kardami is not only creating incredible luxury design projects, like the interiors for this Privet Apartment but also designing her own custom-made furniture designs.

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